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HS Code: 081010
Varieties: Festival, Sweet Charlie, Hadas, and Florida
Festival Variety
• High percentage of medium, marketable fruit
• Excellent shelf life and transportability
• Uniformly well-shaped and firm
• Medium red & glossy
• Highly productive
• Excellent flavor
• Early fruit onset
• High percentage of large, marketable fruit
• Highly productive
• Uniformly well-shaped
• Bright red & glossy
• Good shelf life and transportability
• Excellent taste
Sizes: 25 – 35 mm \ piece.
Package: Each punnet is 250 gram
2.50 KGs carton, each carton is 10 punnets.
2.00 KGs carton, each carton is 8 punnets.
Availability: Dec till May
Shipping: Air Shipment.

Strawberries are aggregates comprises of several small fruits. Strawberries are delicious and nutrient-rich fruit. It efficiently prevents the oxidation process in the body for free radicals. It also handles the heat, tighten the skin and prevent leukemia. It also has the effect of growth and curbs the happening of malignant tumors.