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HS Code: 080450
Variety: Tymor, Awees, Indian, AlFons, Zebdia, Sukarya, Keitt, Senara, Zebdya, Mabrouka, Sideeka
Sizes: Medium Sizes 7~8 Piece per 1 KG
Packaging: 5 Kg Standard Carton.
2.50 Kg Carton Open top
Brand name: Egy taste
Availability: July till November
Shipping: Air Shipment & Sea Shipment

Mangos are not only tasty, but they are also very healthy. The unique fragrance, flavor, and nutritional benefits of this super fruit make it a popular choice among fruit lovers, who call mango the ‘king of fruits’.

Mangoes come in different shapes and sizes. You have to peel off the skin to eat the soft, juicy flesh inside. Mangoes grow best in hot countries like India and Malaysia. There are more than 2,500 different kinds of mango in the world!