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Products: Fresh Grapes
HS Code: 080610
Grapes Variety: Superior, Flame, Crimson, Red Globe
Sizes: 15-30       Brix: 15-20
Plastic bag Carton: 4.5 Kg N.W Carton contains 7-8 plastic bags
3400 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 170 Cartons
Punnet Carton: 5 kg N.W Carton contains 10 punnets X 500 Gm.
2400 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 120 Cartons
Availability: May till September End
Shipping: Reefer Container & Air shipment
Jolly Food Industries is supplying Egyptian Fresh Grapes Produce, that one of the most fame items Jolly Food Industries is exporting to many destinations is Grapes, as early as existing for Superior Vary which starts at the first of May in Egypt with reasonable Brix level, and Egyptian Superior Varies comes more sweeter while passing of middle of May, and in June is the sweetest vary along to Flame.
Jolly Food Industries is exporting first crop of Fresh Superior Grapes by Air shipment, while it can’t to be strong for Sea shipment
Flame Contains 80 percent of water. By Consuming red grapes with his skin we get extreme health benefits. Red grapes are available as fresh fruit as well as juice. When we are buying grapes it is much better to buy with seeds. Red grapes help to control cholesterol, prevent from heart attacks and reduce fever.
Crimsons are generally late season grapes. These seedless berries are sweet, firm and meaty with attractive blush red skin. Crimsons are widely available and most popular for export markets due to their flavor, availability and transit holding patterns. Great for fresh eating, juices and also in salads.
Egyptian Red Globe Grapes is the largest round red berries of all the red grapes grown. Red Globes are famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life. Sweet and crunchy, great for fresh eating and also in salads. Most popular berries for export.
It is available starting by July till September