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 Jolly Food Industries holds the following certificates/reports as a result of third party
independent evaluation of Jolly Food Industries activities:
Jolly Food Industries is committed to consistently providing its customers with the highest quality products.
To assure quality control throughout the entire growing and marketing process
To be reliable, professional and flexible to adapt to customer requirements
To continuously improve its products and their delivery through feedback from customers

This includes pest monitoring, strict pre-harvest intervals,
routine analysis (MRL); and sanitary conditions in every orchard/grove

Egyptian export center is accredited with major international certifications including:
GlobalG.A.P,  B.R.C , HACCP,  ISO 9001:2000
  • The finest quality fruit and vegetables
  • The highest standards of customer service
  • Commitment to the environment and minimizing use of pesticides (the company only uses internationally approved materials)
  • Ethical behavior towards customers, employees, growers and the community at large