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HS Code: 070490
Product: Egyptian Fresh Broccoli
Sizes: 1 Piece = 1 KG ~ 1.75 KG.
Pack: 8 KG Foom Box with ice.
Availability: Dec till March
Shipping: Sea & Air Shipment.

Also known as calabrese (it is originally from the Calabria region of Italy) fresh broccoli with its tiny bright green buds, is one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. Along with cauliflower and cabbage it is a member of the brassica family. Look for bright green flower heads with firm stalks; avoid yellowing heads or wilting stalks. export broccoli from egypt,

Broccoli is closely related to cabbage – and it’s another one of those ‘greens’ we’re always being told to eat up. The part of a broccoli plant we normally eat is the lovely flowerhead – the flowers are usually green but sometimes purple. Steamed broccoli is tasty in a salad or stir-fry.